Getting Physical…

It’s a dream come true.

Holding that paper and plastic thing in my hands, a solid, third dimensional entity…

Its safe to say that this is an indescribably big deal in my life. 🙂

The “Chase The Sun” physical cd with beautiful artwork and shiny photos and a tactile experience second to none is available to buy here : “Chase The Sun” Physical CD

10 points to the person who orders the first one online so I can try out the system! And you will also have the undeniable satisfaction of directly contributing to the next album that is on the way!

Hard copy 3 Hard copy 2 Hard copy pics


On another note…

Things are changing up in a big way in my musical life, there is a very exciting project on the go that has captured my heart and my imagination and it’s a very big step into an exciting new realm of possibilities!

Keep your eyes open for the big news 🙂

Much love to all!





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