“Chase The Sun” now on iTunes!

Chase The Sun now out on iTunes!

There have been albums I have wanted to buy in the past that I just couldn’t bring myself to do the number clicks that the artist had required of me, in this day and age I must really really want something badly to go into my online banking and create a recipient to pay for something. And that’s where iTunes is awesome! If you are plugged into the system, one click and that album is yours!

Although one of the drawbacks to iTunes is that a part of the money from the sale goes into a huge corporate machine that really has probably made enough money off of me in my 29 years. But other than that it’s pretty awesome and I’m super stoked! 🙂

Click here to buy ==> “Chase The Sun”

Besides this good news, things are really on the up and up for Lujeanne and I in Abu Dhabi!

We played an awesome open mic night in a really spectacular setting, which was a real treat because we got to break out and really play our original music with the feeling and energy we feel is needed.

Open mic

We found a fantastic studio!

Literally 10 minutes walk from our flat we have found an amazing, recently opened studio called “White Cube” run by a bunch of great guys! There is such a great energy there I really feel we are going to be super productive over the next year and hopefully finish another album or two!

Next up on the agenda is a great compilation of jazzy stuff and originals for Ruby Bamboo! but more on that later!

So that’s it from my side!

I love every single one of you that are reading this and can’t wait to see you all in person again!




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