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Some of you may recall…

It was many moons ago when I promised you I was working on my first full length album…

It was eons ago when I said it was almost finished…

but now…

This is not a drill!

This is not a drill!

It has been almost 5 years that I have been working on this album with the help of so many great people and amazing artists! Although I put my name on it I feel I am little more than the project manager because the songs come from a spirit that I cannot lay claim to. It is an ethereal inspiration that comes from somewhere and gifts me with glimpses of a concept or a melody and then is gone as quickly as it came… leaving me with the bill for studio time 😉

A huge thank you to all the lovely people (That’s you!) that have been following the progress of this project and supporting with energy and encouragement!

And a massive shout out to the band who made every track I got seem like Christmas!

Lujeanne Brand: Vocals

Texito Langa: Drums (Courtesy Ancient root productions

Roger Hobbs: Bass

Jonathan Crossley: Electric guitars and soundscapes

Byron Howell: Percussion

with designs by Alexis Aronson and photos by Aurélie Lamour

Much love and gratitude!


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