Devin writes songs that convey the message of life in all it’s colours. Aural pictures of the serious, the comical, the sexual and the spiritual aspects of our world.

With Pertinent musings and infectious groovings, Devin’s introspective philosophy combines with catchy melodies and feel-good rhythms to create an uplifting journey through our spectrum of emotions and heart vibrations.

Inspired by Jazz, 70’s rock, blues, pop and avocados, Devin’s music wears the clothes of introspective seriousness but underneath it all, it’s barefoot and carefree.


A “free spirit” is generally defined as someone who is not constrained by the bonds of social convention. They’re the kind of person who chooses avoid conforming with the status quo and instead seek to forge out their own mold of what life is and can be. Rising artist Devin Howell fits this definition to a “T” as he travels the world, sharing his love of life and music all across the globe.

The Johannesburg, South Africa native came to his love of music at a young age, taking up the guitar at twelve, penning his first song at only thirteen, and soon adding the piano to his list of accomplishments, opening his eyes to theory and composition.

A stint in a rock band followed but that would soon pass, leading the artist to head to Tshwane University of Technology where he would study jazz and further refine his multi-instrumental talents, boasting talents on guitar, piano, and flute as well as singing. Schooling allowed him to taste of new musical textures as well as more intricate harmonies and he became even more enamored with the art of music.

After college, Howell took to travelling, traversing the world and living aboard in locales in Cape Town, France, Jordan, Bahrain, and Thailand before landing on the west coast of the United States. A natural born entertainer, Howell found work performing on the street, juggling and telling jokes as a way to get by. And along the way, he continued to write and record music, finding studios wherever he was staying to record certain parts while working with musicians in Cape Town and Johannesburg to flesh out the other parts, utilizing the wonder of the internet to create his art.

Howell’s latest album, Chase the Sun, captures the emotions and experiences the young artist had while on that excursion in the States. The five-year project finds Howell showcasing elements of his musical influences, artists like Jamie Cullum, Jason Mraz, Christophe Mae, Sting, and more and melding them with his own sensibilities, ending with a pop-rock sound with jazz inspired undertones that has garnered favorable comparisons to Sting and Jason Mraz.

Howell writes with an introspective spirit that doesn’t flinch from tackling those darker moments while couching them with a playful nature, sharing his experiences with truth and light. Ultimately, he longs for his listeners to walk away from his music understanding that it’s never too late to turn oneself around and find that deeper truth, realizing that limitation is only found within the mind (make believe) and that everything is as it should be (believing.) And that’s a message that Howell is determined to carry as long as he is able, his focus on continuing to craft and create, moving from city to city and taking in the sights, the sounds, and the beautiful humanity and putting out great music for others to discover.